Project 13: Keepers of Tradition

Project Partner: The Mummers Foundation | Theme: Creative Spaces

This project aims to revive the tradition of mumming within the younger generation in the Lower and Upper Lough Erne communities. 

Project 13: Keepers of Tradition

Project Partner: The Mummers Foundation
Theme: Creative Spaces

The project will enable participants to create their own version of a mumming tradition that is identifiable and distinct to their locality. In this way this rich authentic cultural activity will be kept alive and vibrant.

The project will teach young participants about the folklore associated with mumming and develop essential skills required to perform mumming. These heritage skills will include, straw craft, mask making, music, song, and dance performances. The project will facilitate the intergenerational exchange of folklore between the older generation; the last custodians of the mumming in Fermanagh, and the young people engaged in this project.

For more information contact Elmarie Swanepoel call 028 6632 7109 email:

Projects Updates

Upcoming Events- Strawcraft Workshop

The Mummers Foundation invite you to attend a traditional Strawcraft Workshop, part of the Keepers of Tradition project supported by the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership from funding through The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Fermanagh and Omagh District Council. Join us on the day to learn heritage skills in straw and rush craft, taught by our team of experienced Fermanagh based craftspeople. You will learn the art of straw and rush weaving and have the opportunity to make your own mumming costumes, Brigid day rush craft and corn dollies. Using all natural materials, including rushes, wheat and oaten straw. The team will pass on basic, traditional skills in plaiting so that all participants can be guaranteed to leave having crafted either a Mummer Hat, Harvest Knot or Corn Doll.

For further information please contact Jim Ledwith


Phone:http://tel;07971 75955