Project 19: Island Habitat Restoration

Project Partner: RSPB | Theme: Protecting Habitats and Species

This breeding wader project will improve habitats for breeding curlew in particular as well as lapwing, redshank and snipe. In the LELP area curlew have declined by 82% and in the same period, lapwing have fallen by 89%, and snipe by 78% whilst the numbers were too few to determine the rate of decline in redshank.

Project 19: Island Habitat Restoration

Project Partner: RSPB
Theme: Protecting Habitats and Species

It has been shown that habitat management activity to date on the RSPB reserves on Lough Erne islands has been effective in reversing this decline. This project aims to build on that success to secure a stable and growing population of all four species.

For more information contact Elmarie Swanepoel call 028 6632 7109 email:

Projects Updates

Mums on the Moo-ve


Tonight on BBC NI at 7:30pm it’s the first episode of the new series of Home Ground who visited Hare Island on our Lower Lough Erne islands reserve earlier in the summer. They are looking at how conservation grazing is an important part of habitat management on RSPB NI’s Lower Lough Erne Islands reserve and witnessing a cot transport of expectant heifers from Hare Island back to shore. Cot captain and assistant warden Fionnbarr Cross will be interviewed alongside grazier Mark Thompson with Andrew Gallagher and Tom Ervine working hard in the background.  You can watch an RSPB NI preview on social media by clicking here or on the RSPB NI YouTube Playlist.

Home Ground will be repeated on BBC 2 on Saturday at 6:30pm and will be available to view here shortly after broadcast.

RSPB Fermanagh reserve on Lough Erne UTV Series

Our project partners The RSPB shows Joe Mahon how to transport cattle to and from there reserve in Fermanagh and how to survive when your farm becomes one – an island that is!

Invitation to Tender

As part of this project RSPB have released 2 tenders to aid in habitat management works to take place on Trasna Island, Lower Lough Erne Reserves, Co. Fermanagh. 

Full details and application form can be found below.

RSPB Request for Tender: Hire of Machinery and Equipment for habitat management on Trasna Island, Co. Fermanagh - Click Here  

RSPB Request for Quotation: Transport of Machinery to Trasna Island for Habitat Management on Trasna Island, Co. Fermanagh - Click Here